The ESRs will create two videos, one made at the start and one towards the end of the QuanTII network, and they will bookend the research and training of the ESRs, providing a developmental narrative of their personal journey in QuanTII.
The first videos will see the ESRs introduce themselves, provide an explanation of the research project that they are working on, and also describe why they joined the network.
In the second videos the ESRs will discuss their results, what they are currently working on, what they have learned during the network, and what they plan to do next.

ESR1 - Sarah

First video


ESR2 - Alessandro

ESR3 - Léa

ESR4 - Elena

ESR5 - Charandeep

ESR6 - Giulia

ESR7 - Carina

Video 1:

Video 2:

ESR8 - Erdem

ESR9 - Noor

ESR10 - Daniel

ESR11 - María

ESR12 - Laura

ESR13 - Flavia

ESR14 - Van Thuy

ESR15 - HoChan