Public engagement and outreach

ESRs will carry out activities to create public awareness of the research work performed within the QuanTII network, as well as the importance of immunology research in general. The engagement will also aim to create awareness within the general public of the role and importance of quantitative (mathematical, statistical and computational) contributions to medical science, and to promote exciting multidisciplinary and intersectoral research career possibilities.

ECMTB conference, Heidelberg
19 – 23 September 2022
Two ESRs have given talks at this conference:

  • Giulia Belluccini (ESR 6) gave a talk in the CT1 session on “Multi-type branching processes to study cellular dynamics”;
  • Flavia Feliciangeli (ESR 13) was part of the MS3 session on Tuesday and her title was “Why are cell populations maintained via multiple intermediate compartments?”.

Four ESRs also gave poster presentations:

  • Sarah Benedetto (ESR 1) “Evolutionary Dynamics of Oligodendrogliomas”
  • Daniel Luque Duque (ESR 10) “Stochastic modelling of TCR-epitope recognition in the context of cross-reactivity”
  • Léa Sta (ESR 3) “IL-7R mathematical modelling: algebraic expressions for amplitude and EC50”
  • Van Thuy Truong (ESR 14) “Tumour microenvironment agent-based models of behaviour during cancer growth and treatment”

More information on the talks can be found in the abstract book.

Keystone Symposia, Keystone Resort, Colorado, USA
29 June – 2 July 2022
Daniel Luque Duque (ESR 10) gave a presentation in Colorado at the “Viral Immunity: Basic Mechanisms and Therapeutic Applications” conference, part of the Keystone Symposia. His title was “Stochastic modelling of TCR-epitope recognition in the context of cross-reactivity”.

Systems Medicine Seminar
24 May 2022
ESR 14 Van Thuy Truong gave an online seminar as part of this series at the Laboratory for Systems Medicine, University of Florida. More information can be found on their website.

World Conference of Pharmacometrics, South Africa
29 March – 1 April 2022
ESR 14 Van Thuy Truong has presented an online poster at this conference on 31 March on “Tumour microenvironment agent-based models of emergent behaviour during development and treatment”.

Seminar in the Mathematics of Reaction Networks
24 February 2022
ESR 3 Léa Sta gave a presentation on “Mathematical modelling of a receptor-ligand system” as part of the virtual MORN seminar series.

Virtual 13th Conference on Dynamical Systems Applied to Biology and Natural Sciences (DSABNS)
8-11 February 2022
The following ESRs gave presentations (contributed talks) at this virtual conference:

  • ESR 3 Léa Sta: “Control of IL-7 responsiveness through IL-7R subunits balance in effector T cells and analytic expressions for amplitude and EC50” (Léa received an award for her talk)
    ESR 6 Giulia Belluccini: “A multi-stage model of cell proliferation and death: tracking cell divisions with Erlang distributions”
  • ESR 10 Daniel Luque Duque: “Stochastic modelling of TCR-epitope recognition in the context of cross-reactivity”
  • ESR 13 Flavia Feliciangeli: “Why are cell populations maintained via multiple intermediate compartments?”

ESR6 at his poster at the BSI congressBritish Society for Immunology (BSI) Congress
28 November – 1 December 2021
The following ESRs gave poster presentations at this in-person meeting in Edinburgh:

Online 29th PAGE conference
2-3 and 6-7 September 2021

ESR 14 Van Thuy Truong presented a poster on 2 September on “A comparison of ordinary differential equation and agent-based approaches to PKPD modelling in oncology”.

Her abstract can be found at the conference webpage.

6th European Congress of Immunology
1-4 September 2021
ESR 3 Léa Sta and ESR 4 Elena de Dios Panal each presented a poster at this virtual event:

  • Léa: “Control of IL‐7 responsiveness through IL‐7R subunits balance in effector T cells and analytic expressions for amplitude and EC50”
  • Elena: “T‐cell dynamics in a more natural mouse model”

Their abstracts can be found in the book of abstracts at:

SMEEB 2021: Stochastic Models and Experiments in Ecology and Biology 
22-25 June 2021
ESR 11 María Ruiz Ortega presented her work on Statistical analysis in Immune Repertoires at this meeting in Venice. More information can be found at

Society for Mathematical Biology 2021 meeting
13-17 June 2021
ESR 3 Léa Sta, ESR 6 Giulia Belluccini, ESR 10 Daniel Luque Duque, and ESR 13 Flavia Feliciangeli gave separate contributed talks at this virtual event and their titles can be found in the image. More information on the meeting is available at


Léa Sta received the UCR Contributed Talk Award for Methods for Biological Modeling for her talk on “IL-7R mathematical modelling: algebraic expressions for amplitude and EC50”.

#MyJobinResearch challenge, summer 2020
Science is Wonderful! event, 22-24 September 2020
ESR 13 Flavia Feliciangeli participated in the #MyJobinResearch video challenge organised by the REA in the summer 2020 and her video was selected – here is the Twitter link.

The video was then displayed in the online platform of the Science is Wonderful! event in September, where Flavia also participated.

Leeds Doctoral College Showcase 2019
10 December 2019

ESR 13 Flavia Feliciangeli

The Leeds Doctoral College Showcase “celebrates the significant contribution that our researchers make to the research profile and academic life of the University. We bring the research community from across our campus together to celebrate the excellence and diversity of work being done by our postgraduate researchers. The day includes postgraduate researchers presenting their research in the following competitions: Three Minute Thesis (3MT), Research Image of the Year, and University of Leeds Postgraduate Researcher of the Year 2019”.

Flavia was a finalist in the 3MT showcase where participants had just three minutes and one PowerPoint slide to communicate their thesis to a non-specialist audience. Her presentation on “Feeling overworked? Immune T cells can be too! And Math can help to find out more” is available at

Imperial Lates-Winter Wonderlab, Imperial College London
5 December 2019
ESR 5 Charandeep Kaur took part in this public event, which celebrated the science and engineering at Imperial College London, by interacting with the school students and discussing basic immunology.

More information can be found at

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), Science Week
Science Night, Open labs for all the Family, 15 November 2019
ESR 15 HoChan Cheon

Science Week is a week-long nationwide event in Ireland each November, celebrating science in our everyday lives. The Science Week programme includes workshops, science shows, talks, laboratory demonstrations, science-walks and other science-related events. It is a collaboration of events involving industry, institutes, teachers, researchers and students throughout Ireland to offer opportunities for general public to show how technology and science can create a positive impact on the society, and to engage with STEM.

Maynooth University and all science departments such as Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology and Mathematics took a part in the Science Week (10 – 17 November 2019). Each department engaged with public by preparing a quiz session, opening the University Museum (Science & Ecclesiology), showing a biographical film about Claude Shannon (Information theory) and laboratory demonstration.

On the night of 15 November, local family members were invited to the laboratory demonstration. Here, HoChan volunteered to prepare and help the Mathematics and Statistics Department by demonstrating the beauty of Geometry via soap film and other toys. As HoChan’s audiences were generally primary school kids, he was helping them to solve simple puzzles and explain the ideas and useful background information about the specific geometric properties.

European Researchers’ Night events
September 2019

ESR 9 Noor Kherreh, ESR12 Laura Mora Bitria, and ESR13 Flavia Feliciangeli have taken part in events that allow members of the public to see what science is all about:

Noor Kherreh was involved at the EU corner of the ERN in Zaragoza on 27 September.

She gave simple presentations to the people visiting the stall,  mostly kids of school-going age accompanied by their parents. She followed the guidelines and training given to the ESRs in Maynooth and Leeds and kept the description of the project simple and easy to comprehend, keeping the audience in mind.

After the presentation, a fun quiz was conducted, for each group who visited the stall. This quiz game was formatted in a way, so that naive to experts all groups can play in an incremental way. A different set of questions were designed for different categories, a fixed number of questions were asked for each stage, and if the participant succeeded he/she moved to the next stage. The stages or categories were as follow: a) Beginner, b) Basic, c) Intermediate, d) Advanced, e) Expert.
A multiple-choice kind of game was also designed, to choose an option, the participant threw the ball in the corresponding marked bucket. Young kids preferred this game over the other format.


Flavia Feliciangeli took part in the Adventure Lab in Peterborough on 28 September 2019, and was involved in hands-on activities with the public;


Laura Mora Bitria participated at the EU Pub Café at the Natural History Museum in London on 27 September, which involved the public coming to have a relaxed and informal chat with a scientist over a drink. Laura talked with a variety of people from students that were deciding on doing research or not, and also with people with other backgrounds and age interested in knowing what her research was about, about her daily life, etc.

Carmen and PhD students at Notre Dame CollegeOutreach with local school students
Notre Dame Sixth Form College, Leeds, September 2019
ESR 3 Léa Sta, ESR 6 Giulia Belluccini, ESR 13 Flavia Feliciangeli, and ESR 14 Van Thuy Truong
The ESRs and School of Maths PhD students have given a presentation about themselves and their QuanTII projects, and in the future they will work with students at Notre Dame College on team projects such as computer modelling the spread of infectious disease like Ebola. They will also try and bring a human dimension and aim to encourage students, especially girls, to study science.

Boulder Summer School, Colorado, USA
8-26 July 2019
ESR 11 María Ruiz Ortega attended the Summer School and gave a poster presentation entitled “Statistical response in immune repertoires” to PhD students and academics.

Science Festival
Leeds, March 2019
ESR 3 Léa Sta and ESR 6 Giulia Belluccini

“Medicine – Not just about medics”
Leeds, 2019
ESR 10 Daniel Luque Duque
This event happened two times, the first time it was an open day at University of Leeds where schoolchildren came and we had a prepared activity for them regarding applications of maths in medicine; and the second time it was the same activity but we went to the schools (Bradford Girls Grammar School, Notre Dame Sixth Form College, Pinderfields Hospital School).