Erdem ┼×anal

Short description of my research project:

Immune responses to pathogens modulate the proliferation rate and the T cell receptor (TCR) composition of T cell populations. After the first exposure to a pathogen forming the memory of the immune system, similar responses can be retained later against the same pathogen faster. Thus, memory formation and maintenance are the consequence of the transitions between states of health and disease.

We are using quantitative methods to investigate the changes in the population dynamics of T cells. We are developing mathematical models to estimate the average life span of the T cell populations using stable isotope labeling in vivo. We also aim to develop bioinformatics methods for analyzing and characterizing TCR sequence composition dynamics in memory formation and maintenance.

CV for Erdem Sanal

In the video below, Erdem describes why he joined the QuanTII network, what he is doing, and his expectation of his time with the network (it was created at the Complementary Skills Workshop in Leeds):