Van Thuy Truong

Description of my project:

The aim of my PhD project is to develop a computational model that characterize the dynamic interactions between cancer cells, immune cells, and molecular moieties relevant to the tumour micro-environment following administration of combination therapies. Different modelling methods i.e. PKPD modelling and agent based modelling are combined to enable prediction of optimal combination dosage of anti-tumour therapy (sequential vs. concomitant, dose strengths and scheduling). Ultimately, this model could be used for simulation purposes to inform study design and optimal schedule of combination therapies, generate hypothesis on possible mechanism of action of drugs, and may be able to incorporate disease status and other patients’ attributes for a predictive patient-centric tool.

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In the video below, Van Thuy describes her research project, why she joined the QuanTII network and her expectations of her time with the network (the video was created at the Complementary Skills Workshop in Leeds):