The second network event has taken place in Leeds

Participants at the Leeds network meetingThis successful week long Complementary Skills Workshop and Network Meeting was held at the University of Leeds from 16-20 September 2019. It comprised of complementary skills training on T cells in tissues, scientific integrity, data management, understanding and applying ethics, public engagement, dissemination to the general public (including filming of videos), and introduction to programming (modules T4, T5, T6 and I1).  There were also scientific presentations on topics including the Ebola virus disease, chemokines, PyGom modelling, immune repertoire sequencing, flow cytometry and the CD8 T cell response.

All recruited ESRs attended the meeting and there was time for an ESR forum meeting. External PhD students were also present and they were all able to meet and talk with each other, and also to collaborate with the speakers, and colleagues from the University of Leeds.