Mid-term review meeting

The Mid-Term Meeting was held on 4 June 2020 via WebEx. It was initially due to be held in Utrecht, along with Network Meeting 2, but unfortunately this was not possible due to the coronavirus outbreak preventing travel.

The objectives of the meeting were to assess the fulfilment of all aspects of the network (scientific, training, management, networking, etc.) as described in the Grant Agreement. The assessment was carried out by the EU Project Officer, Sara Garcia Condado, and the Project Monitor, Dr Marika Falcone.

The meeting went well and the EU Project Officer and Project Monitor were both enthusiastic about the network.

The day started with a presentation by the EU Project Officer, who introduced the Project Monitor. The Project Coordinator, Carmen Molina-París, then gave a presentation of the network, and talked about the background to QuanTII, as well as the science, training, network, management, and ethics of the project. The Tour de Table followed where each beneficiary and partner organisation introduced themselves and described their role in the network.

Before and after lunch, each of the 15 ESRs presented their work and they were split according to the three work packages. The aim was for each ESR to introduce themselves and their background, and to discuss their research project including methodology, results obtained so far, training experiences, secondments, and public engagement activities.

Following a short break, the ESRs met with the EU Project Officer and Project Monitor for a private meeting to discuss any issues, and we were pleased to hear that the ESRs were very positive and feel very supportive.

The meeting ended with feedback and comments from the EU Project Officer and Project Monitor, who were both enthusiastic.